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Getting Started

Posted by Siobhan Bales on March 7, 2018


The following checklist provides a sequential process that should be followed to assist in setting up and configuring Tradebox. Please click on the header to access the guide to each step.



Configuring Sage for use with Tradebox One (if applicable)


Decide on Inventory options


Download and install Tradebox One


Set up Tradebox


Enable the Tradebox Data Service


Create integration(s) with sales channels


Integrate with Sage (if applicable)


Create Products in Tradebox (if applicable)


Import Sage Product Mappings (if applicable)


Set upload options for Stock synchronisation (if applicable)




Step 1 applies if you’re integrating Tradebox with Sage Accounts for the first time.If you’re a Finance Manager user and you’re upgrading, creating the new Sage user logons is the only mandatory change in Sage.
Step 7 applies if you’re integrating into Sage Accounts, regardless of inventory method.
Step 8 applies if you’re using products at all, whether the inventory method is set to Sage or Tradebox. If you’ve chosen None as your inventory method, skip this step.
Step 9 applies if you’re using Sage as your inventory method and your online SKU’s aren’t identical to your Sage product codes.
It also applies if your SKU’s are identical to your Sage product codes but you want to upload stock quantities.
See Product Mapping in Tradebox One for a detailed explanation of product mapping and what’s changed.