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The Community Edition of Tradebox One

Posted by Siobhan Bales on February 7, 2018

In June 2017 we launched Tradebox One, a robust order management system that can run stand-alone or as an integration with your accounts software. We also added an option to our licensing; the Community Edition.



One of the main drivers for our users is in saving time by automating; we believe the cost of our software should and does reflect a saving to their business in freeing up time that they can reinvest into other areas…and the more orders you’re taking online, the bigger benefit you’ll feel. But not everyone who sells online sells in high volumes. Not everyone who could benefit from order management or accounts integration needs all the options we provide. It was with those users in mind that we created the Community Edition.



The Community Edition is a no-obligation, completely free version of Tradebox One with the following limitations:



Order Limit

The Community version is limited to a maximum of 50 orders per calendar month. It doesn’t matter when in the month you start, or when you use Tradebox, once 50 orders have been downloaded during that month no new orders will be downloaded.

At any time, go to Support within the program to see how many orders you have remaining this month.

You have the option to delete orders. Deleted orders still count towards your monthly limit; the limit is per order downloaded not per order that currently exists. Be aware that a deleted order can and will be downloaded again if it still meets the download criteria specified in the sales channel, and will be counted again. The option to Rebuild Data Tables is not available in the Community version.





Channel Limit

The Community version is limited to creation of a single sales channel. This is the same as the entry version of our paid software. If you require Tradebox to handle orders from multiple sales sources, in multiple currencies, or you wish to apply more complex rulesets than are available in a single channel, moving to one of our multi-channel paid licences will allow you to do this.
Support Boundary



We don’t offer any support for the Community licence, however we do have an extensive knowledgebase which will assist you in getting set up and answer any questions you may have.
Our definition of support covers technical support, help with installation and setup, and guidance in using the program. The Community version of the software is provided ‘as is’ and while we extensively test our software and have a large number of users running it every day without problems, as with any software you may encounter issues. Tradebox Support will not respond to support requests on any issue while you are on a community licence. Common problems will be addressed in our knowledgebase which is freely available.



You can access the Community Edition by downloading and installing Tradebox One as normal – Sign up for Free Community Edition. During the initial setup wizard you’ll be prompted to enter your licence key: TBFREE.



If you’re an existing user or have been on a trial key and wish to downgrade to the community edition, go to Support > Upgrade Licence to generate the licence form and enter TBFREE. If you have multiple sales channels, you’ll be required to choose which channel to keep once you reopen the program. All data from the removed channels will be permanently deleted.



At any time, you can remove the above limitations by upgrading your licence to one of our paid licences either on our website, or by contacting Tradebox Sales on 0191 2574707. We currently offer quarterly and annual licences, and a breakdown of pricing and features is available here. Tradebox Support is free for all paying users.



The above is provided purely for your information and does not constitute a binding agreement. Tradebox Ltd reserves the right to make amendments or to withdraw access to the Community Edition of Tradebox One at any time.