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Amazon chooses Shopify as their webstore partner

Posted by Tradebox on September 22, 2015



When two giants decide to collaborate, you hope the benefits extend to all customers groups. In March, Amazon decided to close their own webstore services that seemed to be struggling to compete with hugely popular providers such as Shopify.


The decision to team up with Shopify, which services over 175,000 online merchants, allows Amazon to offer a solid alternative to their now terminated Webstore services, and through direct integration across both platforms, users can expect a seamless migration from Amazon’s Webstore to Shopify.


As a software provider that integrates with both Amazon and Shopify, Tradebox is particularly excited about the partnership between these two giants. Although we have seen a growth in merchants using Shopify, and an ongoing preference for Amazon marketplace, we watch with interest to see what impact they will have to the ecommerce sector going forward.


Designed as middleware, Tradebox Finance Manager integrates online marketplaces with Sage Accounts allowing online sales data to be rapidly entered into Sage. This enables Sage Accounts to be used to full effect as a back end order management solution providing logistical control over your online sales, stock and purchasing as well as an accountancy package handling VAT liability, financials and profitability reports.


Merchants who have selected to use Amazon and Shopify as their core platforms, and use Sage Accounts, should check out Tradebox to improve the quality and function of their business. For a free 14-day trial or to discuss this feature of the software, please visit http://www.tradebox.uk.com/download.html for a non-obligation test of our software or call us on 0191 2574707 to speak to one of our friendly people who can answer any questions you may have.