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Changes to the EKM API

Posted by Tradebox on December 13, 2013

EKM have recently implemented ‘throttling’ restrictions on their API to prevent it being swamped with calls which could potentially have a negative effect on the performance of their customers’ websites. This has caused an interruption in Tradebox but only where users needed to retrieve more than 200 orders in a single download. However, in the long run we have had to amend the Tradebox code to accommodate the changes made by EKM to their API. Unfortunately, this has had an impact on the speed of the download which now takes longer. Going forward the best advice we can offer is to download frequently to prevent large build ups of orders.


The changes made to the Tradebox code to accommodate the EKM changes can be found in the latest version of the Tradebox software from V5.7.31212.0 which was published on 12/12/2013. All future updates to the program will carry these changes. Full instructions on how to download and install the latest build can be found at https://tradebox.zendesk.com/entries/23750607-Latest-build-of-Tradebox.