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Configuring Sage for use with Tradebox One

Posted by Siobhan Bales on January 29, 2018

Using Sage is no longer mandatory with Tradebox One; unlike Finance Manager, Tradebox One can run as a standalone order management system. If you do wish to integrate Sage Accounts (UK version only) with Tradebox One it's important that you carry out the following configuration in Sage.     1. 3rd Party Integration Tradebox One integrates with Sage Accounts using the Sage Data Objects (SDO) tools. To allow Tradebox One to speak with Sage the 3rd Party Integration needs to be activated. Click here for our guide and the activation keys you should use.     2. Create Two New Users in Sage exclusively for Tradebox One Unlike Finance Manager, Tradebox One requires two exclusive users set up in Sage. To enable the new functions, we have been prescriptive and require the following user names to be set up in Sage with full...


Overview Video of Tradebox One – latest version of our software

Posted by Siobhan Bales on January 24, 2018

  Tradebox One is a multi-channel desktop application that enables online retailers to manage, control and account for their online sales. The software is an intuitive solution split into straightforward modules that provide immediate access to orders, products, customers, reporting and channels at the touch of a key.     The system is underpinned by a service that can be set to run constantly, ensuring orders are automatically processed, stock levels adjusted and passed back to the sales channel.     Click on the following Youtube video to watch our 5 minute overview Tradebox One.   https://youtu.be/5xBDeOhE99o   Please get in touch if you would like more information on 0191 257 4707 or download a free 14-day trial https://www.tradebox.uk.com/download.html. Look forward to hopefully working with you and your online...


Why Tradebox clicks with Act! CRM software

Posted by Siobhan Bales on January 23, 2018

  Act! carried out a recent case study of Tradebox as a company who advocates using their software. Here's what we said:   Using Act! as its CRM has helped software firm Tradebox go from bespoke developer to creator of market-leading off-the-shelf products that enable UK online retailers to better manage their businesses.     Act! reacts to trigger events “We used to manage customer data using an Access® database we’d created ourselves,” says Stephen Bales, Tradebox’s founder. “But about eight years ago we needed greater functionality and started looking around for a CRM that would be a better fit for us as we grew from doing one-off software to creating products.”     Now Act! has become a central part of day-to-day operations, “and I couldn’t imagine operating the business without it,” says Stephen, “as...