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eBay Authorisation token is hard expired

Posted by Tradebox on November 13, 2015

We have received quite a number of calls today from customers reporting the following error when trying to download from eBay; "Authorisation token is hard expired".   This is not an uncommon issue as each user's eBay Authorisation Token routinely expires every 18 months. However, it appears that 'something'may have happened at eBay to make this happen to many accounts.   The resolution is pretty simple: In Tradebox go to the Sales Channel List Select your eBay account by clicking on it once At the bottom of the screen select the "Renew Authorisation" button. This will open your browser on eBay. Log in and "Agree" to authorising a new token Go back to Tradebox and click on OK in the dialogue box Repeat for all eBay connections in the software.   An article explaining this process in greater detail can be found...