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Tradebox Telephone Number Changed (again)

Posted by Tradebox on June 30, 2014

As most of our customers will be aware the Tradebox telephone number changed to 0844 381 9003 in March this year.   Following a change in legislation we have changed the number to 0344 381 9003.   The new number is a non geographic number that is charged at a local rate level. However, customers are more than welcome to contact us on the Tradebox local area number, if they believe this will save them call costs. The local area number is 0191 257 4707.   You can find out more about the 0344 call charges...


Sell to shoppers in private through Flubit

Posted by Tradebox on

Tradebox customers frequently ask us if we know of any new opportunities and sales channels so we thought we’d share some information on an exciting new start up who we’ve been following for some time.   If you haven’t heard of Flubit.com you probably soon will as they’ve recently finalised a partnership with Barclaycard, which will see their unique demand led technology used by the Bespoke Offer platform and their millions of UK consumers.   They are essentially a market place, like Amazon, Ebay and Play but with one big difference.  They don’t list any products.  Instead customers come to them when they are ready to buy and allow the user to simply drop in the product web link of the item they wish to purchase.  Flubit then returns a better offer on the exact same product.   It’s free to use and this disruptive way of selling has gained...