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eBay Security Issue – Tradebox Requirements

Posted by Tradebox on May 22, 2014

You may be aware that eBay recently reported a security issue and are going to start imposing a password change for all eBay users when they log into their eBay account. This will require a change in Tradebox to allow the software to continue accessing your eBay account.   After you have changed your password(s) on eBay you will need to renew your eBay token in Tradebox, which is the permissions file that allows the Tradebox program to connect with your eBay ID. A full set of instructions on how to do this can be found at, https://tradebox.zendesk.com/entries/24185733-Renewing-the-eBay-Token.   This only affects connections in Tradebox that are directly connected to eBay. You will need to renew your eBay Token for every eBay connection  you hold in the Tradebox...