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Tax rates in Tradebox One

Posted by Siobhan Bales on January 23, 2019

  Author: Graham McLauchlin 8 days ago Updated     VAT legislation is a complex field with a number of grey areas and legislation that changes over time. The Tradebox team are happy to provide information around how the VAT settings in our software works and how it interacts with your accounts software where applicable.   If you're in any doubt over what the correct way to process something is or the VAT status of an item/region with regards to your business, we suggest raising this with your accountant or with HMRC's VAT enquiries service. The accountability for reporting accurately to tax authorities rests with your business and not with the providers of any software you use to process.   Within Tradebox One, tax rates are controlled in Configuration > Tax Rates.   Tradebox comes with five tax rates by...


GDPR – Contact Consent

Posted by richard carter on April 27, 2018

As most businesses will be aware, the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) on 25/05/2018 requires all businesses to adhere to a new standard of handling and storing personal data, as well as stricter guidelines on when a business can contact an individual. You can read the Tradebox GDPR article to see how we are complying with the GDPR and understand how we will handle your data.  You may also be interested in reading Tradebox's Privacy Policy.   Operational contact with all existing Tradebox software users falls within the legitimate contact rules under GDPR. This allows us to provide support and contact you to inform you of anything that is pertinent to you as a Tradebox customer. However, we do need to gain your consent again for promotional purposes. This covers things like promotions we or our partners are running or access to our...


Guest Post from BigCommerce: How Selling on eBay Can Future Proof Your Ecommerce Business in 2018

Posted by Siobhan Bales on April 19, 2018

  My co-founder, Maxim Godin, and I launched our first ecommerce business back in 2008 –– on eBay.   In the past 8 years, from our first attempt at ecommerce to GripUp.com, we’ve seen it all. We have taken our business from suspended accounts to more than $100,000 in monthly sales, winning eBay awards for the highest conversion rates on the platform.     When figuring out how to sell on Ebay, people expect quick results. Our success on eBay wasn’t overnight. It never is. Success is for the stubborn and persistent. Those who will not take ‘No’ for an answer.     I think of our early days on eBay as a youth stage. We were in our nascent days, learning to walk and talk. It was in our teenage years –– so to speak –– that we got suspended for copyright infringement. We used stock images found on Google, which we...


Getting Started

Posted by Siobhan Bales on March 7, 2018

  The following checklist provides a sequential process that should be followed to assist in setting up and configuring Tradebox. Please click on the header to access the guide to each step.     Configuring Sage for use with Tradebox One (if applicable)   Decide on Inventory options   Download and install Tradebox One   Set up Tradebox   Enable the Tradebox Data Service   Create integration(s) with sales channels   Integrate with Sage (if applicable)   Create Products in Tradebox (if applicable)   Import Sage Product Mappings (if applicable)   Set upload options for Stock synchronisation (if applicable)     Notes Step 1 applies if you're integrating Tradebox with Sage Accounts for the first time.If you're a Finance Manager user and you're...


The Community Edition of Tradebox One

Posted by Siobhan Bales on February 7, 2018

In June 2017 we launched Tradebox One, a robust order management system that can run stand-alone or as an integration with your accounts software. We also added an option to our licensing; the Community Edition.     One of the main drivers for our users is in saving time by automating; we believe the cost of our software should and does reflect a saving to their business in freeing up time that they can reinvest into other areas...and the more orders you're taking online, the bigger benefit you'll feel. But not everyone who sells online sells in high volumes. Not everyone who could benefit from order management or accounts integration needs all the options we provide. It was with those users in mind that we created the Community Edition.     The Community Edition is a no-obligation, completely free version of Tradebox One with the following...


Configuring Sage for use with Tradebox One

Posted by Siobhan Bales on January 29, 2018

Using Sage is no longer mandatory with Tradebox One; unlike Finance Manager, Tradebox One can run as a standalone order management system. If you do wish to integrate Sage Accounts (UK version only) with Tradebox One it's important that you carry out the following configuration in Sage.     1. 3rd Party Integration Tradebox One integrates with Sage Accounts using the Sage Data Objects (SDO) tools. To allow Tradebox One to speak with Sage the 3rd Party Integration needs to be activated. Click here for our guide and the activation keys you should use.     2. Create Two New Users in Sage exclusively for Tradebox One Unlike Finance Manager, Tradebox One requires two exclusive users set up in Sage. To enable the new functions, we have been prescriptive and require the following user names to be set up in Sage with full...


Overview Video of Tradebox One – latest version of our software

Posted by Siobhan Bales on January 24, 2018

  Tradebox One is a multi-channel desktop application that enables online retailers to manage, control and account for their online sales. The software is an intuitive solution split into straightforward modules that provide immediate access to orders, products, customers, reporting and channels at the touch of a key.     The system is underpinned by a service that can be set to run constantly, ensuring orders are automatically processed, stock levels adjusted and passed back to the sales channel.     Click on the following Youtube video to watch our 5 minute overview Tradebox One.   https://youtu.be/5xBDeOhE99o   Please get in touch if you would like more information on 0191 257 4707 or download a free 14-day trial https://www.tradebox.uk.com/download.html. Look forward to hopefully working with you and your online...


Why Tradebox clicks with Act! CRM software

Posted by Siobhan Bales on January 23, 2018

  Act! carried out a recent case study of Tradebox as a company who advocates using their software. Here's what we said:   Using Act! as its CRM has helped software firm Tradebox go from bespoke developer to creator of market-leading off-the-shelf products that enable UK online retailers to better manage their businesses.     Act! reacts to trigger events “We used to manage customer data using an Access® database we’d created ourselves,” says Stephen Bales, Tradebox’s founder. “But about eight years ago we needed greater functionality and started looking around for a CRM that would be a better fit for us as we grew from doing one-off software to creating products.”     Now Act! has become a central part of day-to-day operations, “and I couldn’t imagine operating the business without it,” says Stephen, “as...


Application Developer

Posted by Siobhan Bales on October 25, 2017

JOB TITLE: APPLICATION DEVELOPER LOCATION: NORTH SHIELDS, TYNE & WEAR SALARY: COMPETITIVE   Tradebox are looking for an experienced Application Developer to join our development team, contributing to the growth and development of our recently relaunched software; Tradebox One. This position requires good programming skills, innovative solution finding and excellent communication abilities.   ROLE HIGHLIGHTS: • Work within a small but experienced technical team – to continuously develop and support our existing solution. • Implement integration to 3rd parties systems using API services. • Work with other business stakeholders to understand requirements and implement applications changes. • Proactively monitor, identify, troubleshoot and resolve production issues and defects. • Be responsible for production changes through the test, change and...


Sales & Customer Services Agent

Posted by Siobhan Bales on October 10, 2017

  JOB TITLE: SALES & CUSTOMER SERVICES AGENT LOCATION: NORTH SHIELDS, TYNE & WEAR SALARY: COMPETITIVE     Tradebox are looking for a Sales & Customer Services Agent to join our team, contributing to the growth and development of our recently relaunched software; Tradebox One. This position requires a keen interest in the art of sales coupled with excellent communication skills.     ROLE HIGHLIGHTS: • Proactively grow pipeline and conversion of new customers • Be highly organised and detailed driven throughout sales cycle • Work within a small but experienced technical team – to continuously help to grow and improve the business and the customer journey • Be responsible for improving systems and procedures pertaining to new business • Additional cover for Customer Services Agents team (busy periods/holiday...