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Linnworks order management software and stock control system integrates the entire multi-channel sales process – handling everything from order fulfilment to shipping, stock control and inventory management, and integrates with eBay, Amazon,, Pixmania, Magento and all major website carts.

Integration with Linnworks is achieved by reading the Linnworks Order File which can be generated and downloaded manually or generated automatically and downloaded either on demand or routinely by an established schedule. Integration with Linnworks allows users to:

  • Rapidly import completed sales from Linnworks
  • Report sales data from different sales channels into Sage separately
  • Create individual invoices/orders in Sage for each unique order
  • Create individual customers in Sage or use a single generic customer
  • Adjust stock in Sage (if required)
  • Calculate VAT liability correctly on each item in a sale, including overseas sales


Integration with Linnworks is done by reading a standardised CSV file of orders, available to manually download from the Linnworks. Alternatively, a script can be created in Linnworks to automatically populate the CSV file to the user's FTP.

Creating an integration with Linnworks is done in Tradebox One through a simple step-by-step wizard in the Channels module. Upon completion, a new 'channel' is created containing the Tradebox configuration settings for the Linnworks orders. The channel settings record is split into tabs containing configuration settings, information on orders and analysis on channel sales. Each Channel record also contains an Accounts tab, where integration to a chosen accounts package can be established and configured. See the Linnworks Videos and Guides section for guidance on setting up an integration with Linnworks.

Consultancy & Implementation

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Tradebox can be configured to automatically import your Linnworks sales data into your accounts package, removing the data entry chore of rekeying which will save you time and remove the inevitable data entry errors. Tradebox has been providing accounts integration for over a decade and this is reflected in the comprehensive configuration options in each connection. Creating an integration with your accounts package allows you to automatically:

  • Create comprehensive invoices/orders for each online sale
  • Calculate VAT based on what has been sold and where it has been shipped
  • Mark invoices/orders as paid
  • Allocate different payment methods to different banks to make reconciliation easier
  • Adjust stock levels in the accounts package
  • Create individual customer records or use a single generic customer record
  • Allocate sales to nominals and departments for reporting

Currently Tradebox One supports integration with all UK versions of Sage 50 Accounts. Integration with Xero, Sage One and Quickbooks will be coming soon.