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Tradebox – The Next Generation (Beta Program)

Posted by Tradebox on September 9, 2016

For some time now Tradebox have been working on the next generation of our desktop software, building on the lessons of the last 10 years. The next generation of this software isn’t an upgrade to the existing Finance Manager program; it is a brand new program entirely, which we have simply called Tradebox v1. Our focus has been to change the architecture of the program to allow us to provide integration with other accountancy programs, for customers who wish to use alternative software to Sage 50 Accounts. The result is a radically different piece of software.



The goal of Tradebox going forward is to provide integration with multiple accountancy packages including Xero, Quickbooks and Sage One, to name a few. To achieve this we have had to reconsider how we handle, store and present orders, customers and products, which until now have been stored in detail in Sage and only referenced in Tradebox. This change in approach has had a significant impact on the improved performance of the software as well as a whole host of new functionality. This change in approach has significantly improved the performance of the software, and provides a whole host of new functionality.


One big change (apart from a brand new User Interface) is the creation of a service which can be configured to poll all of the platforms Tradebox integrates with in a constant loop, downloading orders, adjusting stock and uploading stock levels across all channels. This next release has some great new features and improvements, all designed to make the Tradebox user’s life a lot easier.


Before Tradebox v1 goes into general release it will be going through an intensive pre-release program to iron out any outstanding wrinkles. The pre-release version of the software will initially integrate with eBay, Amazon (including FBA) and Magento. The pre-release is now available for beta testing and we are actively looking for both Sage and non Sage users who are selling via eBay, Amazon or Magento webstores.


If you sell on any of these platforms and would like to help shape the future of our software then simply read the Tradebox Beta article which explains the conditions of the beta and provides links to get started. Please note that Tradebox v1 is a pre-release program which means it is still in development and the purpose of the pre-release is to find and resolve problems with the software. Tradebox will provide full support and onboarding for the users we accept onto the beta program. Numbers will initially be limited so if you are interested you will need to apply quickly.


Once out of the pre-release stage, Tradebox v1 will integrate with all existing channels we currently support, as well as some additional ones to enhance the benefits of using our software to support your online business. We are hoping to have the full version of the new software available by the end of Q2 2017. After this release we will be adding support for new accountancy packages.