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Tax rates in Tradebox One

Posted by Siobhan Bales on January 23, 2019

  Author: Graham McLauchlin 8 days ago Updated     VAT legislation is a complex field with a number of grey areas and legislation that changes over time. The Tradebox team are happy to provide information around how the VAT settings in our software works and how it interacts with your accounts software where applicable.   If you're in any doubt over what the correct way to process something is or the VAT status of an item/region with regards to your business, we suggest raising this with your accountant or with HMRC's VAT enquiries service. The accountability for reporting accurately to tax authorities rests with your business and not with the providers of any software you use to process.   Within Tradebox One, tax rates are controlled in Configuration > Tax Rates.   Tradebox comes with five tax rates by...